I have been a fully-fledged Professional Pervert for several years now but in my down time I love to write, create and find more ways to be the smutty creature I am at heart!

In the shifting landscape we are now inhabiting it has become slightly trickier for us all to carve out time for our authentic selves. One of the ways I personally have been exploring that in my own life is finding myself immersed in dirty stories, audio books and returning to my favourite pieces of erotica over and over again.

So, it struck me… how better to connect with my fellow perverts in a discreet manner?

Let me tell your custom filthy story!

I am writing custom erotica based upon your kinks and desires, to flesh out a far-flung fantasy or relive a favourite dungeon experience with Mistress. I could also surprise you with something favourite of mine…

My rates for erotica start at £10 per 500 words and I recommend 1500-2000 words to create a fleshed out kinky tale. I am also very open longer pieces if you have a particularly involved fantasy that needs longer to be expressed and savoured.

Email me your requirements and we can begin collaborating…

MN xx