Confess to the Head Girl


Confess to the Head girl…


Now I know that nearly all of you have some very embarrassing wicked habits that you don’t dare tell anyone about….

Because I am a very devious young lady I adore hearing all about your naughtiest fantasies! I want you to confess to me – each time you touch your naughty little cock Mistress would like to be informed. To become one of my little confession slaves please email me to discuss the terms. Depending on the amount of self indulgence you participate in the tribute would start from £10 per week.

For all other forms of distance domination and lifestyle control please email to discuss terms and your requirements. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!


Control and distance domination tasks


Sometimes the purifying act of confession in and of itself isn’t quite enough to help you explore your dirty submissive fantasies and you want Mistress to… play with you 😉

I will give you a series of tasks each week which must be performed to my exacting specifications, to deepen your feelings of submission and explore new areas of kink and femdom. Weekly tasks and distance control start at £40 per week and included daily checks with me about how well you are performing for me. Tasks are tailored to both your own kinks and also to your own lifestyle needs, as not everyone has free reign over time and privacy which I completely understand!

I look forward to hearing just how wicked you are…

MN xx