ASMR & Audio Kink & Distance BDSM!



ASMR & Erotic Hypnosis are two areas of kink that I have been lucky enough to find and develop a deep love and appreciation for (and perhaps more than a little aptitude…)

The ability to get into your head and under your skin quickly, easily and frequently works wonderfully in this medium and has become a favourite weapon of mine over the last 3 years. My cut glass English accent purring your wickedest kinks is a perfect fit for softly spoken smut and kinky custom ASMR.

I am now able to record ASMR & Hypno audio experiences to allow you to deepen your submission even when we aren’t together – I can be whispering in your ear wherever you are, whenever you wish…

To create bespoke audio work my fee starts at £30 for a 20 minute file and has a 2- 3 day turnaround time for editing and recording.

This lends itself to so many different avenues of exploration, the limits are really your imagination!

Some examples can be found below;


  • Roleplay ASMR
  • JOI ASMR custom to you.
  • Custom ASMR deepening your submission to me.
  • Custom Erotic Hypnosis Audio to build on experiences we have had together.
  • Audio kink describing what will happen in fetishes you have yet to explore and are curious about!
  • Getting to know Mistress better before finally serving me in person.


Email me your thoughts and we can take it from there…

Mistress Nina x